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Alvan Kani Kavir Meybod Company started operating in Jahanabad industrial town of Meybod in 2013 with the aim of producing pigments needed by the ceramic industry and by producing a wide range of colors, it was able to win the honor of cooperating with many reputable factories.

With the development of production technology in 2014, as the exclusive representative of Incra India Company, it began to produce printing inks in the country, and considering the acceptable experience in the field of producing all kinds of pigments and inks, in 2016, it decided to enter the textile industry with the aim of He took over the supply and production of the required raw materials and started working as an exclusive representative of Star Group for the supply of disperse and reactive paints.

Currently, due to the favorable quality and stability in quality and price and competitive conditions, it is proud to cooperate with a wide range of dyeing, printing and finishing companies.

The domestic product of Siba fabric dye includes 25 sachets of 11 grams of first grade pure dye. The simple and home dyeing method of this product allows you to easily dye your clothes at home. Note that this color is used for cotton, cotton and linen fabrics. For this, you need to prepare one sachet for each unit of clothing, and boil it in water with some salt for 10 minutes. Your dress is ready with a new color, it can be worn after a day in the air…

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Installation help

Your success drives us. Our policy is to help you achieve your production goals, we offer full assistance to achieve a quick project start-up or change of inks.

Fast and on time

Based in Yazd, Iran, we are leaders in service. We provide fast response to every customer big or small.

Technology and design

Our relationships in India and local material sourcing enable us to deliver quality and consistency across all parameters.


Our standard products are constantly updated to reflect the latest trends. We can provide all required effects by releasing new sets.

Point-to-point quality control

We do not compromise on quality, we have the right team and strong systems, and we monitor all the production steps.

گواهینامه های متعدد

Alvan Kani inks have been approved by several consumers of tile and ceramic crafts and have been tested on all common print heads. Our color management team supports all major platforms.

Make your projects come true with our materials.