Research and Development

In Alvan Kani Industries Group, the most important option is quality. In addition to the day-to-day work of maintaining the sanctity of each process, there is an ongoing commitment to best-in-class equipment. Our quality assurance and R&D laboratory is furnished and regularly upgraded with systems and devices from world-renowned names:

Infrared glass dyeing machines
UV liquid spectrophotometer
Digital single pan scale
Other equipment such as digital pH meter, horizontal cushion with pneumatic pressure devices, motorized tester, transpiration meter and devices for testing solubility/insolubles.

More than 20 years of experience

More than 20 years of experience

More than 25 years of experience in the production of polyester and polypropylene yarns

Variety of products

Variety of products

Production of 12 types of products from polyester and polypropylene yarns, with a variety of more than 2500 different colors

High quality raw materials

High quality raw materials

Using the best raw materials available in the domestic and foreign markets

کنترل کیفیت

Quality Control

Quality control of manufactured products based on global standards and daily consumer needs with the least standard deviation

رنگ ری اکتیو (12)

رنگ دیسپرس (13)

ثبت پیش خرید

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